HEARTLAND’S BEST is an agricultural and agro-processing company whose vision is to unlock Zambia’s productive potential, reduce poverty and help Zambia actualize its vision of becoming a prosperous middle-income nation by 2030.

This is accomplished by investing in the establishment of value chains that incorporate small scale farmers. We believe the power of Africa is in her people who have enormous potential, most of whom are small scale farmers who live in naturally productive areas. We believe this potential can be unlocked through strategic partnerships.

Heartland’s Best Zambia operates 6 main operating units, each with a different product or service scope.
Animal Feed

Animal Feed Production

Heartlands Best operates a brand-new state-of-the-art feed mill, producing Broiler Feeds, Layer Feeds, Sasso Feeds, Beef Feeds & Fishmeal Concentrate to the highest international specifications.

Day-old Chick Production

Heartland’s Best operates a brand-new state-of-the-art hatchery, producing Sasso C431 chicks, Sasso silver chicks, Sasso T Rainbow Chicks & Hyline Layer chicks to the highest international specifications. Ross White broiler chicks are also earmarked for production in the latter half of 2021.

Frozen Chicken production – Heartlands Abattoir

Heartland’s Best operates a brand-new state-of-the-art poultry slaughter facility (abattoir) producing frozen chicken as whole birds and mixed portions for the local and export market.

Dairy Production

Heartlands Best produces fresh milk and milk products for the local market.

Commercial Layers – Table Egg Production

Heartlands Best produces table eggs for the domestic and regional markets.


Dave Kier
Dave KierInvestor
Dave is an entrepreneur in the agricultural sector from Newell, Iowa, who owned Kier Holdings for more than 30 years (Kier Holdings included a feed and grain division (DFS Inc.) a commodity brokerage division (First Choice Commodities) and a technology company (DPTech Link)). Dave has since sold the feed and grain division. He serves on the board of IBEC Ventures and has consulted with business as mission projects drawing upon his 50 years of business experience. He has also served on various industry boards and committees. He is an avid student of God’s word who enjoys writes Christian leadership articles and has been active as a leader and teacher in his local church. He is married to his wife of 50 plus years, Jan, and has 4 children and 9 grandchildren.
Greg Herbruck
Greg HerbruckInvestor
Greg leads Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch (based out of Saranac, Michigan) as President which includes nine million hens and a team of +900 employees. He is responsible for financing, product marketing, human resources, client sales and distribution and oversees all operations. Additionally, he administers all farm functions related to production, processing, marketing & sales, all office operations. He is involved in the United Egg Producers, the Midwest Food Association, is previous member of the American Egg Board and, the past President of Michigan Allied Poultry Industries.
Daniel Wiersma
Daniel WiersmaInvestor
Daniel is the President and Managing Member of OXFORD Partners, Inc., a private Grand Rapids, Michigan-based real estate investment and asset management company. He is also a consultant and service provider of real estate and private equity services to several West Michigan-based “Family Offices.” Daniel is a native of Grand Rapids. He is married and has three sons and 2 grandchildren
Peter Cunningham
Peter CunninghamInvestor
Peter is the Chief Executive Officer of The Hamara Group in Zimbabwe. He has over twenty years’ experience in broiler, layer and ostrich production, ranging from rearing parent flocks, egg production and hatching, broiler and layer bird management to slaughter, marketing and distribution. He has overseen the establishment of major poultry value chain operations in Mozambique, Zambia & Zimbabwe. He has also overseen the establishment of the Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centres in those countries too. He is also an active of the Zimbabwe Poultry Association Board. He is married to Di Cunningham, who has been actively involved in the establishment of the business from its inception as Sondelani Ranching to its current branding as Hamara. She has had pivotal roles in the various start-ups, developments and establishment of the value chains as leads the training, people development and Human Resources arm of the group.
Di Cunningham
Di CunninghamInvestor
Di has a background in Education, has been involved in the establishment of Sunderland Ranching together with Peter from its inception to its current shape. She has had pivotal roles in the various start-ups, developments and establishment of the value chains that are now the network of entities that is Hamara. Her passion for people development is expressed on all levels and with all people groups across the company spectrum. Amongst many other functions, she is currently leading the team that is running a leadership development school, which was birthed from seeing the opportunities and need for people growth.

Management Team

Key Management Staff include:

• Mupfudze Mushipe – General Manager, Processing
• Mirirai Moyo – Chief Financial Officer
• Ranie Thomas – Finance Manager
• Dr. Joseph Mwila – Director Arise Zambia
• Peter Cunningham – Executive Chairman


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